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Types of Sex Lubes

by | Sex Tips

Sex Lube
When it comes to sex lubes, there are hundreds of different items on the market – everything from the traditional KY Jelly to silicone-based lubes, some that are even waterproof. Sex Lube is a vital part of your private erotic life and shoudl be used in every sexual advanture “Sex Positive” life style that includes sexual experimentation. In that vein we encourage you to use lube with sex toys as well as intercourse for the most enjoyabe experience. Before selecting a lube, you should think carefully about exactly what you will use it. After deciding on that, you’ll want to find out the main types of lubes and check out some of the different lube options available to further enhance your experience. But even the perfect lube can be less than satisfying unless you know to use it and more importantly cleaning up afterwards.

Main Types of Sex Lubes
When looking for a sex lube, the most important quality is the primary ingredient in the lube, in other words, what substance the lube is based on. Not only does this affect the properties of your lube, it can even limit which kinds of toys you can safely use with your lube. For instance, a petroleum-based lube will always be thick, difficult to clean, and incompatible with latex condoms or adult sex toys. But the petroleum-based lube will also last longer than almost any other kinds of lube. Lubes are made from four basic substances; water, silicone, oil, and petroleum.

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