Mouth Gags

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Devour Locking Feeding Gag
Take control of your slave more than ever before! Shut them up with a hollow gag that allows you to pour liquids in their stretched open mouth. This feeding gag features a locking buckle to keep your
Hound Adjustable Dog Bone Gag
Give your dog a bone! This premium silicone and phthalate-free bit gag will keep your puppy quiet while you play with them. The soft straps make this a comfortable and sensual gag for your partner to
Strict Leather Face Harness
Cover that filthy mouth with the Strict Leather Face Harness! This fully adjustable, high quality muzzle keeps your sub from spitting, biting, or any other unacceptable oral behavior. Plus their cries
Spider Open Mouth Gag
This gag leaves your partner speech-less while still having access to their mouth as it remains open! The gag will remain securely around their head with the belt style buckle. Because the strap is ad
The Deep Throat Gag
You love when your partner gags on your cock, and you love seeing them with a gag in their mouth – now you can have both at once with the Deep Throat Gag! The strap buckles around their head, an
Gag and Blindfold Head Harness- Red
Your plaything will see no evil and speak no evil when strapped into this ball gag and blindfold head harness. Soft leather blindfold and 1.5 inch red rubber ball gag. Head Harness is fully adjustable
Gag and Blindfold Head Harness- Black
Your plaything will see no evil and speak no evil when strapped into this ball gag and blindfold head harness. Soft leather blindfold and 1.5 inch black rubber ball gag. Head Harness is fully adjustab
Strict Leather Locking Silicone Trainer Gag
Saddle up! With this Locking Trainer Gag made from silicone. This gag is perfect for those into pony play. This gag has a chin strap for extra support as well as straps that go behind and over the hea
Strict Leather Ring Gag- X-Large
Keep open all the kinky possibilities with the Strict Leather Ring Gag. This gag forces your subs mouth open and allows you to use your imagination after that! This ring gag is a nickel-plated steel
Degraded Mouth Spreader with Nipple Clamps
Humiliate your plaything with a device that pulls their nose up like a piggy, forces their mouth open, and pinches their nipples! The Degrader does exactly as its name suggests, prying their mouth ope
Leather Padded Silicone Penis Mouth Gag
Fill the mouth of your precious plaything with cock to keep them quiet! This unique leather gag adjusts around their head to tighten down and restrict speech! The comfortable padding along the interio
Heart Beat Silicone Heart Shaped Mouth Gag
Keep your lover quiet with a sexy heart-shaped gag that allows you to keep the romance in your BDSM sessions. Push the odorless and tasteless silicone into their mouth and fasten the adjustable strap
Bondage Hood with Breathable Ball Gag
Play with sensory deprivation for an intensified experience with your lover! Put your plaything in a blackout hood that is padded at the eyes and ears so that they cannot see or hear what you are goin
Cock Head Silicone Mouth Gag
Plug up that pie hole with a silicone cock, strapping it to your playthings face. This comfortably padded gag will shut them up while you have your way with their body. Delight in the suppressed gasps
Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag
The name says it all! Pour the liquid of your choice down your slaves throat, forcing them to swallow every drop! This innovative and unusual gag adjusts around your submissive lovers head, tightening