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Things Men Should NEVER DO In Bed

by | Sex Tips

Bettina Arndt’s new book, What Men Want – in bed, is all about why sex matters so much to men. The book, based on the inner most personal thoughts from more than 150 men who kept diaries, uncovers what it’s like to live with the urge for sex and in …
10. Don’t try to unhook our bra if you can’t do it. It’s amazing really, men can change wires and everything, but half of them are unable to take off women’s underwear!

9. Please don’t put your tongue in my ear, eeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you HAVE to blow, do it gently, they are not a freakin birthday cake!!

8. Changing the position too often can get really annoying, particularly if you don’t say anything and just push us to the side, pull our legs or yell instructions at us!!

7. Squeezing the breasts too hard hurts, yes they are attached to our bodies, stupid!!

6. If you can’t get it up for some reason, don’t make a scene !!! Don’t be angry at yourself, don’t cry, don’t be ashamed, don’t be a baby and PLEASE don’t explain to us for half an hour how this never happend to you before, because really, if it doesn’t happen all the time, we don’t care as long as you are doing other fun stuff to us.

5. Nudging and pushing our head down is not ok, damn it, STOP IT !!! If we really like you we are about to do it anyways, no need to push!

4 Another classic: attempting anal sex and pretending it was an accident. Ooooppps!! No woman is buying that, dummy.

3. Don’t thank us after!! It makes us feel like we did it out of pity or charity (in SOME cases that might be the truth)!!

2. We don’t bite your penis so please don’t bite nipples, not everything you’ve seen on Youporn feels great in real life.

1. If you see that we don’t want to have sex that night, PLEASE DO NOT masturbate in front of us just to protest, that’s really something men should do when they are alone and it makes them look like dirty old monkeys, hi hi…

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