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Anal Plug Sex Toys

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Butt Plugs
Just the words butt and plug together may conjure up images of medieval torture devices or at the very least sounds like an awful 1940s type gangster term (don’t make me plug ya SEE? Yeah see?) but a handy butt plug can open new doors of pleasure and excitement and like all good sex toys, can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. Hopefully this quick look at the sleek little backdoor devil known as the butt plug will help you be familiar with exactly what it’s for why it’s shaped as it is and a few tips, tricks and precautions. In fact, hopefully soon the two words butt and plug will go together as perfectly in your mind as peanut butter and jelly. But the peanut butter and jelly trick is reserved for advanced users.

Butt Plugs: Shape and Materials
Lets start with appearances and most butt plugs have a common general shape but they do come in a variety of shapes and colors and more so these days materials. The most common material is latex but silicone, particularly medical grade silicone, is a great choice for its softer pliancy (it gives with your body easier) and ease of disinfection in boiling water. Not to be just confined to the standard latex look and feel butt plugs come in wood, metal, glass and even stone! The metal variety are quite popular and some have jeweled ends that once placed firmly inside your anus, only have the round colored jewel end exposed. Bling for your butt! But back to shape, the common butt plug often has a thin rounded tip, which grows wider towards the middles and a notch, or a soft yet sharply rounded recessed thin base. This notch or gradual recess from the widest point helps keep the butt plug in place. The base is where butt plugs are unique; it has a flared base to prevent complete insertion into the rectum, leaving your hands free to persue other pleasures. Consider the flared base your way of keeping your x-ray from showing up online in one of those web pages titled: Things found up your ass in the E.R. Butt plugs are designed for safe, easy insertion and erotic stimulation so no worries!

Butt Plug Round Up
When used properly a butt plug is one of the most perfect sex toys on the adult market. From simple to
snazzy and made for males and females alike, the butt plug can be a perfect addition and beginning tool in
the world of anal exploration.