Sexy Jenny

It was quietly getting dark here, it’s pretty scary being in a hospital at night, but I’ve been here so long that it did not faze me. I had begun to head over and take care of trash, with my co-worker when suddenly my radio went off.

“ER to Security!” it rang.

“Security here,” my co-worker announced.

“We need you down in the Emergency Room!” it fizzled.

“Ten-Four, I’ll take this,” My co-worker said as she went downstairs.

It didn’t matter, I was in no rush we had been caught up and now it was getting a little slow I still had a while before I had to really do trash. Continuing on was when I saw her!

Damn she was hot; she had brown hair that had barely made her shoulders, her eyes were a boring brown, just like mine however I enjoyed them, her body had been perfect, nice C-Cup breasts, she was a great height, just a couple inches less than me. She was wearing nurse scrubs, as she should be, which were a gentle pink. Our eyes locked and I could sense it! I had been gifted with a spirit called a Dæmon and it allowed a sixth sense into things. We had feelings for each other! I noticed that she was walking down one of the wings which I was also heading down, so I had to follow her. That ass of hers was AMAZING! I couldn’t stop admiring it. She took a turn into a room, which was oddly empty? I was in question when I saw her fingers shoot out a little, the motion to follow her. Know what I did? Oh yeah I was there!

I walked in, slightly closing the door behind me and took it all in. The room was lit gently in the corner with a small swaying lamp from the ceiling. Soon enough I had her pinned to the horrible colored walls we were blessed with. The arousal was filling the air. Damn I wanted her so bad right now! I slowly went in and kissed her. She had wrapped her arms around my head and embraced everything I had to offer. Her lips were so smooth; her tongue soon found its way into my mouth and things were getting heated. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I gripped that amazing ass of hers and held her up against the wall, kissing her more profusely. Soon we were getting way more into it; she had begun to unbutton my uniform top and ran her smooth hands up my sculpted chest. It felt amazing. It had been a while since a woman has wanted me like this. I had to take it further, I gently set her down and pulled off her scrub top and saw her black bra, and slowly I fumbled her beauties as her desire for me had been increasing. She soon began biting her lip and that for me was the number one turn on! I had quickly unsnapped her bra and began to slowly caress her naked breasts enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin; she had slipped her hands behind me inside my uniform top and tossed my shirt to the ground. I picked her up and set her gently on the hospital bed in the room. It was getting really heated in here. I began to kiss those amazing lips again and then headed for her breasts. Slowly kissing down her neck and fumbling a nipple into my mouth she grabbed the back of my head in pure enjoyment. I sucked on then and soon I was raising her breathing. Her heart rate was increasing and the arousal in the air was thickening.

“Ahhh,” she cried out in pure bliss.

I knew I needed to make it hotter. I slowly ran my hands down her body and found the elastic to her scrub pants and slipped my hands down into her scrubs. I felt the soft fabric of her undies and soon I had a raging boner. I slipped my hands up and inside the panties; I found her slit and began to gently run my middle finger up and down.

“Ahhh,” Jenny cried.

Asserting a little more pressure I began to arouse her. I felt her clit begin to engorge with blood and knew it was time for the real pleasure. I gently rubbed her clit with my finger.

“Ohhhh, god!” she cried out.

I began to rub a little harder until her breathing was raspy.

“Ohhhh, my god!” Jenny cried.

I then slipped my middle finger down her slit and found her hole. I began to slide my finger in and out her amazing hole, her breathing was struggled and she was biting her lip really hard. She began to fumble off my belt and pull down my pants. My hard cock sprang up, I fingered her really hard a couple times.

“God damn,” Jenny cried as her first step towards an amazing orgasm came up.

She pushed me back a little and I took my hand out of her hot center and she lay on her belly on the bed and I stood at its end. She grabbed my hard cock and fed it into her hot mouth and she began to give me a blow job. Her head began to bob on my cock and it felt so amazing. I smiled and grunted a little allowing her sensuous mouth to bring me immense pleasure.

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